CANHEIT 2021 – Time to get Artfully Innovative!    

From May 31 – June 4, 2021 Concordia University in Montreal will virtually host their colleagues from across the country at CANHEIT 2021  –  a conference “for attendees, by attendees”.   We are counting on you to bring your artfully innovative ideas and solutions forward and as your hosts we commit to providing you a number of artfully innovative options to share these ideas with your colleagues.  

Higher-ed IT is one of the most exciting and challenging places to be and the past year proved it!  Despite the challenges of a pandemic, higher ed IT embraced the challenge to do what was needed to ensure students could continue to learn, faculty could continue to teach and researchers could continue to discover.   And as we all look to the post pandemic world for higher ed, we are asking ourselves will these transformations stick, and more importantly will they become building blocks to even more new and exciting opportunities?   As you reflect on what has been and ponder what will be, please take a minute to consider sharing your artfully innovative ideas and solutions with our colleagues at CANHEIT 2021.   

The formal call for program content will come in the next few weeks but to get your creative juices flowing here are some ideas on subject areas or content topics you might consider.   If your artfully innovative idea doesn’t “fit” – we have a category for that as well – Missed Opportunity and Artful Solutions!!!!        

• Innovation & Trends – What new and exciting tech trends are you leveraging or have been accelerated due to the pandemic?  

• Collaboration – How are you facilitating or supporting collaboration within your institution or with others?   

• People – What is your strategy for diversity, equity and inclusion, professional development, staffing or new organizational models?   

• Security - How you are dealing with the ever-present and ever-changing information security landscape?   

• Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics – How are you leveraging artificial intelligence or big data help your institution achieve its goals and objectives?   

• Leading & Partnering – How are you enabling your institution’s business and IT strategies?   

• Student Centered – What are you doing to facilitate a student-centered approach?  

• Research – How are research and IT partnering at your institution?   

• Teaching and Learning – What is your role in advancing your institutional teaching and learning strategies?   

• Missed Opportunity & Artful solutions – Higher education IT is a complex and exciting environment – what have we missed? Have you solved a problem with a particularly artful solution?   

If you have any specific questions or please contact